Teaching the next generation of Korea and the World!

SHAREUS is a platform that gathers the diverse knowledge of Korean seniors who are masters of their trade. We dream of uniting the vast know-how of the older generation with the younger generation who have just begun finding their way in life. Our ultimate goal is to create a future that is bigger and brighter by joining together the past and the present.

Since launching in August 2017 SHAREUS has recruited about 70 master teachers and has held over 1,000 classes for Koreans young and old. Now in 2019 we strive to reach beyond the youth of Korea and provide classes in English so that tourists and expats in Korea may gain the knowledge of these experts as well.

The classes shown here are taught by our teachers who speak English or have spent time abroad and are accompanied in class by a native English speaker.

From the classroom to your living room!

This spring SHAREUS is launching a crowd funding campaign to take our classes and turn them into a subscription box service! Even if you can't make it to Korea you still deserve the experience of master class. Join our mailing list to stay up to date on our new adventure the 'Korea Crate'!




Traditional stone stamp with your name or design carved into it, along with a fabric case

Name Stamp


Learn the skills of beautiful calligraphy and then create a fan, tumbler or framed picture

Korean Calligraphy


Prepare and roast flowers to be brewed into a delightful and unique tea to be enjoyed all year round

Flower Tea


Learn the fast and easy way to make Folk Art, no expensive supplies just beautiful art!

Folk Art Word Drawing


"Our Folk Painting, a Painting of Happiness" traditional style painting with provided design

Folk Painting


Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection

Rice-wine Soap


Learn the fast and easy way to make Folk Art, no expensive supplies just a beautiful bookmark

Folk Art Bookmark


Make a traditional rice cake and top it with flowers piped with Korean sweet bean paste

Tteok Cake with Piping Flowers


Learn the fast and easy way to make Folk Art, no expensive supplies just a beautiful card

Folk Art Card


Using natural ingredients and essential oils make a moisturizing cream for healthy skin

Natural Cream


The traditional form of piecing together fabric to create geometric designs to create a coaster

Patchwork Sewing


Make a traditional rice cake with flowers that have been cut & stamped into flower shapes

Tteok Cake with ‘stamp’ flowers

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