Korean Calligraphy

Korean Calligraphy: Words to Heal the Mind

Everyone has at least one phrase that touches their heart. Writing stimulates our sensitivity, and sometimes provides a lot of comfort.

“For those who suffer from depression or low self esteem I would like to teach them how to love themselves again through the colors and words of calligraphy” says expert Choi Jeong Hee.

More than just learning a new skill we recommend this class to people who want to escape from the stress of normal life and find healing through creativity. Since you can solely focus on yourself and your art during this class, your mind can be at ease. As you concentrate on the calligraphy works, you will find yourself healed and freed from the business of reality. Calligraphy, which began from traditional writing, is a form of presentation of one’s thoughts and emotions without being restricted by formality. So as you concentrate in the calligraphy works, you will find yourself deeply healed and freed from the busy reality.

While we are used to using our phones and computers, we do not have many opportunities to write by hand and give our all to the look of the handwriting.  Take this chance to pour your heart into your handwriting and make a lovely gift.

A frame, fan or tumbler with a phrase from your favorite book, an idiom or song lyrics make a wonderful one of a kind heartfelt present. Not only will you get an opportunity to heal through your art but the recipient of your gift will as well.

Class fee: ₩ 55,000 per person

Meet the expert: Choi Junghee

Highest Degree Calligraphy Specialist

Teacher of Healing Calligraphy organized by Ministry of Culture

Teacher of calligraphy at village school organized by Osan-city

Artist in Calligraphy Exhibitions such as Dongheang-Jeon

What you’ll do in class

Learn how to hold a brush pen properly, and practice how to produce basic strokes.

Practice the phrase to be put in the frame on regular paper with a brush pen.

Prepare your phrase and design for it's final product. Choose from a frame, folding fan or tumbler (select item during registration)

Write the practiced phrase on the final paper or fan with whole hearts.

Decorate with watercolor and colored brush pen around the phrase.

Put the finished paper in a well-ventilated place and once dry place in the frame or tumbler!

You’ll be going home with: your completed product (frame, fan or tumbler) as well as a brush pen


Do you need to bring anything?

Nope! All materials will be provided.

Why we love this class

You are encouraged to bring your own phrase and show your individual style, instead of just copying the brush strokes of someone else

Even if you have really bad handwriting the teacher goes through step by step and helps everyone find their own neat and beautiful style

Calligraphy is beautiful in every language so don’t worry if you can’t write in Korean! But if you really want a fan with Korean on it the teacher will provide some phrases.

Not only are you working on the calligraphy but you are able to decorate the phrase with various drawings and colors


Address in English: 7, Sinchonnyeok-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

Address in Korean:  서대문구 신촌역로 7 3층

To get there from Ewha Woman's Uni. Station: go out exit 1, walk a minute or so. At the large 4-way intersection cross and tun right, the building is on the left with the very big metal sculpture out front. You'll see a CU on the side of the building, go in the doors right next to it. Take the elevators to the 3rd floor. The space is called Good Brathers

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