Flower Tea

Making Flower Tea: Warming my heart

On an especially tiring day have you ever seen a flower on the roadside and smiled?


Flowers always present us with cheerful emotions. And the fact is that not only can you enjoy those lovely flowers with your eyes but also with your taste-buds! Flower tea gives you with an opportunity to enjoy the scent and flavors of flowers in a whole new way.

Teacher Park Soon Rak, who recovered from an illness with the help of flower tea,  eventually fell for the charms of the tea. She said “Flower Tea came up to me as life-giving water and brought back my energy filled life.”

Washed and sterilized wild flowers go through a roasting and cooling procedure several times to bring the natural flower tea to it’s completed state. Heal your body and mind through various colorful flower teas, such as red colored Cockscomb Tea which is good for stomach ache, Yellow colored magnolia tea which is good for colds, and green colored pansy tea which is good for eye and brain diseases. Just as mixing coffee flavors can be more delicious, you can experience various flavors of tea by blending the flowers as well.

Class fee: ₩ 44,000 per person

Meet the expert: Park Soonrak

President of Korea Western Flower Tea Meister Education Center

President of Daecheon Hwadam Flower Tea Research Institute

President of Korean Society of Flower Tea Meister

Academic adviser of Flower Tea at Hallym Polytechnic University Lifelong Education

Appeared various times on EBS/KBS/SBS (Korean TV)

What you’ll do in class

Theory lecture on Flower Tea

Wash and sterilize the flowers (the type used will depend on the season)

Roast & cool down the petals (multiple times)

Brew tea with the roasted petals

Enjoy tea time with the other students and teacher!

You’ll be going home with: a handout about Flower Tea


Do you need to bring anything?

Nope! All materials will be provided. Optional materials to bring: pen/pencil, personal apron, sanitary gloves

Why we love this class

It helps you achieve a state of balance with nature, away from the business and stress of daily life.

Take your interest in flowers to a new level of appreciation through the charms of flower tea

You’ll be able to take the skills you learn home and try the technique with your favorite local flowers


To be Determined 

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