A Folk Art Bookmark

The beauty of tradition with the charm of the present: Colored-pencil Folk Art bookmark

Folk Art, just like modern graphic design these drawings show the sophisticated patterns & best colors of Korea. Folk drawings may seem like your everyday oriental paintings but they each carry a deep meaning and have a distinct charm that only folk drawings have.

People who have never tried Folk painting may perceive it to be very difficult but those who have made a painting before can tell you it’s actually quite simple! So we’ve made this class for those who find painting difficult but still want to learn and create a Folk drawing.

Creating a Folk drawing with colored pencils gives a new charm to Folk images as it has softer edges and a bit of texture, but it is beautiful all the same. Colored pencils allow anyone & everyone to easily learn and create a Folk art drawing.

Come and spend some time with us learning the beautiful tradition that is Folk Art!

Class fee: ₩ 27,000 per person

Meet the expert: Kim Jeongah

Graduate of Tufts University SMFA

Participated in a large number of Folk art exhibitions in New York, Washington, Boston, Seoul and more

Give Folk art demonstrations & explanations at the Museum of Fine Arts

Teaches classes on colored-pencil Folk art at Art Academies, culture centers & for businesses

What you’ll do in class

Learn about the history and theories of ancient Koreans Folk paintings (~10 minutes)

Practice the basics of Folk art drawing techniques (~20 minutes)

Choose an image that you enjoy and prepare it for coloring (~10 minutes)

Using the techniques you learned color your soon to be one of a kind bookmark (~80 minutes)

You’ll be going home with: Your handmade bookmark, an A4 sized Folk art design to color at home, a handout about the history & techniques you learned,


Do you need to bring anything?

Nope! All materials will be provided. 

Why we love this class

No need for expensive paints and brushes, this class lets you dive into a traditional art in a more comfortable way

People young and old can enjoy this class!  

If you are a coloring-book or doodling lover this class will up your skill level and show you a whole new style to draw in


To be Determined 

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