A Folk Art 'Word' Drawing

Folk Art ‘Word’ Drawing

How much do you know about Korea’s traditional Folk Art? You might think that it’s just some old style that is difficult to make, but in this class you can learn the easy and beautiful version using just colored pencils.


Korean Folk Art is a traditional art form that holds a wish of good health and a prosperous life. In Korean the word Folk Art (민화) has the meaning of ‘person’ and ‘drawing’. So it might be better translated as ‘A person’s drawing.' Young or old, regardless of status these drawings show one’s hope that their family live a long and happy life.


There is a wide variety subjects in Folk Art, let’s look at some:

'문자도’ (today’s class) by dividing up the art into the parts of the letters you are making a wish for your desires

'모란도' a peony represents wealth and honor

'연화도' a lotus represents good luck and happiness

'화접도' flowers with butterflies represents a blessing to the family

'초충도’ insects represent the beauty of nature

'소과도’ fruits or vegetables represent one’s origin and a blessing

'책가도' everyday objects represent success in one’s studies

'십장생도' 10 plants together represent good health and long life

Know that you a bit more about the art form how about joining us in making a beautiful Word image in the traditional Folk Art style!

Class fee: ₩ 44,000 per person

Meet the expert: Kim Jungah

Graduate of Tufts University SMFA

Participated in a large number of Folk art exhibitions in New York, Washington, Boston, Seoul and more

Give Folk art demonstrations & explanations at the Museum of Fine Arts

Teaches classes on colored-pencil Folk art at Art Academies, culture centers & for businesses

What you’ll do in class

Learn the techniques for using colored pencils to create folk art

Pick your word (written in any language as long as it is short) and write it big and thick enough to fill the paper

Pick the images you’d like inside your drawing and use the light box to trace them onto your word

Use the techniques learned earlier to color the design in the Folk Art style

You’ll be going home with: your hand made design in a simple frame & a handout about the history & techniques you learned,


Do you need to bring anything?

Nope! All materials will be provided. 

Why we love this class

No need for expensive paints and brushes, this class lets you dive into a traditional art in a more comfortable way

If you are a coloring-book or doodling lover this class will up your skill level and show you a whole new style to draw in


Address in English: Dogok Station (classroom #306 is located inside the station!)

Address in Korean: 서울시 강남구 남부순환로 2814 [도곡역 여성창업플라자 306호 컬러링미]


Getting to Dogok Station (도곡역) on the line 3 or the yellow line (분당) is not difficult but finding the classroom within the station can be a bit confusing. I recommend taking the subway to the station as the entrance is easy to find from there. Either way look at the images below with step by step directions to make sure you don’t get lost. And if you do just call me and I’ll come find you!

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