Traditional Folk Painting

Our Folk Painting, a Painting of Happiness

When talking about folk paintings or oriental paintings many people may feel quite unfamiliar or find them difficult to paint. However, folk paintings were originally a form of painting that anyone could easily color the using the rough sketch, just like a paint by number or a coloring book. The objects in the paintings represent various things such as, comfort (vase), wealth (peony), academic achievements of the children (carp), and many more. Rough sketches with the desired representations were bought at markets and colored by regular people, and hung on the walls of their own house or given as a gift to a friend. 


The ‘Our Folk Painting, a Painting of Happiness’ course by Professional Oh Kyeong Hee will help you get accustomed to the folk painting practices. You’ll learn the basic drawing and painting techniques of oriental paintings through easy, funny, well-structured educational methods, through which you’ll be able to create a folk painting of your own style. 


Don’t just run through life give yourself the gift of comfort that folk paintings provide.

Class fee: ₩ 50,000 per person

Meet the expert: Oh Kyunghee

Major in Folk Painting at Graduate School of Education Kyung Hee University

‘Our Folk Painting a Painting of Happiness’ Lecture to the disabled and families of the disabled

President of Institute of Culture and Arts Education Contents Institute

Group Exhibition of Traditional Folk Paintings at New York, Milan, Jongno Governance & more

What you’ll do in class

Learn the basics of the background of folk painting and an hear explanation of the overall class

Color the base colors on the rough sketch provided by the teacher

Add more colors & shading on top of the base color

Paint in the details on flowers, leaves and any finishing touches

You’ll be going home with: your painting of ‘Peony’ (example in the images below) in a simple frame.


Do you need to bring anything?

Nope! All materials will be provided.

Why we love this class

Even if traditional painting seems like a difficult task the teacher starts with the basics and gives individual help to each student, so by the end of class you may even find it easy!

Because of the emotional meaning behind the paintings students can experience a calm mind and use the time as a form of healing.

In just a few hours you will learn the skills to create your own painting and feel the charms of Korean traditional folk paintings.


Address in English: 34 Gangnam-daero 94-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Address in Korean: 서울특별시 강남구 강남대로94길 34 1층 or 서울특별시 강남구 역삼동 649-2 1층

To get there from Gangnam Station: go out exit 12, walk straight to the first street. Turn left. Walk 3 short blocks and turn right (There is a Holly's coffee on the corner). Walk straight until you are next to the entrance of a small park. The building is on your right. The classroom is on the 1st floor.

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