Traveling can be expensive and even when you do make it to Korea there are so many things to do and see art classes often get pushed to the back burner. Now you can have that same experience but on your schedule, from the comfort of your own home.



Here at SHAREUS we've been running offline classes for 2 years and have realized that foreigners, whether travelers or residents are just so busy that finding a spare moment to make something by hand is quite difficult. So we wanted to take the experience of our classes, box it up and send it home with you. You'll still get to follow along with the teacher through a detailed video lesson and all the supplies you need will be in the box. 

Not only are you getting high quality materials straight from Korea, but our teachers are some of the best in the business. Many hold certification of the highest degree in their craft and have years upon years of experience. Some of our teachers prepare gifts that the Korean government gives to visiting foreign government officials and some were asked to teach classes to VIP clients at important events such as the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics! 

But wait you say, who is SHAREUS?

SHAREUS is a Korean startup that was founded by Byung Hoon Lee in August 2017. He had been a run of the mill office worker in the area of mobile content distribution for around 16 years when he began noticing the skills and knowledge the seniors around him had. But those seniors didn't have a practical way of sharing that knowledge to more than 1 or 2 people and thus letting all of those years of experience go to waste.  So he established a business to distribute their experience in the form of offline classes. These classes were geared towards the younger generation so that the skills and knowledge of the older generation might find a foot hold in today's modern world.

As of today SHAREUS has held around 1,000 classes and with our newest adventure Korea Crate we can't wait to bring our classes to the world.


We are preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign on May 19th so sign up below to be notified when we go live with Korea Crate! You'll be able to pre-order our first box, buy some awesome perks or just donate to help us get Korea Crate up and running!  



SHAREUS is made up of 6 people; our founder,  brand manager, communications manager, operation manager, English class manager and a graphic designer

What Stage of Production is Korea Crate at now?

We are currently in the prototype stage! Pricing and shipping methods have been set and right now we are gathering suppliers for the materials needed for the first box.

We plan to convert most of our classes into Korea Crate subscription boxes starting with:

Stone Name Stamp Carving

Folk Art Drawing

These 2 teachers have come into the office for a trial filming of the class so we can double check materials needed for the box and prepare a final plan for the video shoot.

The images below are from our live classes since we won't have any product photos until our prototype is complete in a few weeks. 




Indiegogo Campaign OPEN



Indiegogo Campaign END



Box/Perk Shipping Begins

Stay in touch

Thank you so much for taking an interest in our newest adventure and for making it to the bottom of the page! We are currently gathering emails of people who are interested in donating or purchasing perks or a Korea Crate once our crowdfunding campaign is live. Enter your email below to be notified when everything goes live! 

If you'd like to follow along with us as we prepare for the campaign we will be posting a few times a week to our Facebook page what we have been working on to get Korea Create ready! And if you are a lover of all things Korea, especially art checkout our Instagram.

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