Natural Face Cream 

Natural Moisturizing Cream

These days there are about a million and one types of creams on the market, especially here in Korea. It be be quite overwhelming to find one that has good ingredients (that you actually know) and is truly good for the skin. Plus we should treat our skin with care and not slather it with chemicals just because they claim to erase wrinkles. Natural ingredients and essential oils have been used time and time again to keep our skin soft and healthy. Less is more, really rings true when you can finally ditch the 10 step skin care routine and be confident this cream will keep your skin just has moisturized.

These days aromatherapy is also gaining popularity, we all live busy and sometimes stressful lives and being able to relax with the help of essential oils is a fast and simple method. All day long you are smelling your cream, makeup and perfume so why not make those things with ingredients that are known to help our brains relax. Little changes in our lives such as the scents around us can make a big impact on our overall day.

Join us in making healthy and good for the skin natural moisturizing cream with natural ingredients and essential oils.

Class fee: ₩ 33,000 per person

Meet the expert: Jung Jae Eun

Owner of ‘향기동동’ (natural skin care brand)

Instructor on modern aromatherapy

Doctor of Korean medicine LA.c in the USA

What you’ll do in class

Learn about the natural ingredients, and the recipe

Make the moisturizing cream (30 ml)

Practice a bit of Aroma meditation

You’ll be going home with: your handmade 30 ml cream 


Do you need to bring anything?

Nope! All materials will be provided. 

Why we love this class

The teacher is excellent in English so you’ll really get an in depth explanation

If you are sensitive to artificial fragrances the essential oils will be a great match

Natural ingredients and essential oils are a hot topic right now so the cream can make a great gift as well

Interested in aromatherapy and its use in meditation? this class is great for you!


Address in English: 40-25 Cheongdam-dong Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Address in Korean: 서울시 강남구 청담동 40-25 5층


From Gangnam-Gu Office Station: Go out exit 4 and TURN AROUND. Turn right at the street in front of you. Walk 2 blocks until you see a gold and black colored glass building on your right. Turn right at this building, you will be going in the back door of it that is just around the corner. The classroom is on the 5th floor.

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