Tteok Cake with Piping Decoration

Tteok Cake with piping flowers

What is tteok?

떡 (tteok) is glutinous rice powder mixed with water that is steamed to make a soft and sticky dessert. You will often see is written as ‘rice-cake’ in English The dough can be mixed well like clay and molded with your hands or tools or it can be kept fluffy to make a western style cake.

“I feel happy cooking food and seeing people enjoy it. That joy lets me work without getting tired. I teach this class because I want to share this happiness with more people.” Expert Im Okhwi, is a Korean cuisine cook and Korean dessert professional who has been working as a ‘tteok cake’ expert for 8 years and even served tteok cake to Pope Francis during his visit to Korea.


Cakes are always used on a day of celebration and those who make the cake and those who receive it should be able to share the joyful feelings tteok cake brings.

What do you think? Would you like to share the happiness of making and sharing tteok cakes with loved ones?

Class fee: ₩ 74,000 per person

Meet the expert: Lim Okhwi

Korean Cuisine cook & Korean dessert specialist

President of Zemma Traditional Food Research Institute

First grade instructor of Traditional Byeonggwa and Wedding Food

Served Cake at the time of Pope francis’s visit to Korea in 2014

Reported on in “Green Life” & Hankyoreh Newspaper in 2015

Appeared on KTV “Half-retirement Period” in 2015

What you’ll do in class

Make a tteok cake using the following ingredients: rice powder/flour, water, sugar (other ingredients can be added for flavor)

Make a ‘frosting’ using red bean paste and natural pigments

Learn how to use the paste to make flower decorations

Decorate the cake with the flowers you make!

You’ll be going home with: your handmade cake (unless you ate it all!)


Do you need to bring anything?

Nope! All materials will be provided.

Why we love this class

You’ll learn to make a cake that is both tasty and healthy at the same time

The teacher will show you step by step how to go from raw ingredients to a finished and decorated cake.

Using the teachers expert knowledge you can make a modern cake with different flavors such as sweet pumpkin or cheese powder

With such simple ingredients but a very unique cake you can take your knowledge of tteok cake back to your home country and make them for family or even sell them as a side hustle!


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