Tteok Cake with

'cookie-cutter-stamp' Decoration

Tteok Cake with ‘stamp’ flowers

What is tteok?

떡 (tteok) is glutinous rice powder mixed with water that is steamed to make a soft and sticky dessert. You will often see is written as ‘rice-cake’ in English The dough can be mixed well like clay and molded with your hands or tools or it can be kept fluffy to make a western style cake. This class combines both methods for the finished cake!

“I first learned how to make traditional tteok (rice-cake)  because I wanted to give the ones I made to my daughter’s future in-laws as a wedding present, but as I learned it I found it really charming and wanted to let the young generation know of the charms of Korea’s traditional tteok.” -Teacher Lee Jeonghee

Tteok Cakes are gaining popularity not only in Korea but world wide. Just looking at these sweet fruit filled cakes makes one hungry but by adding the flower decorations your cake will be beautiful and delicious.

In this class create your own tteok cake that is colored and flavored with natural ingredients. Then decorate it with tteok  that is cut out and stamped using a ‘cookie-cutter’ like tool into the shape of various flowers. You can make a special day for your loved ones even more special with the handmade, healthy and visually appealing tteok cake.

Class fee: ₩ 73,000 per person

Meet the expert: Lee Junghee

President of ‘Sirumorak’ Dessert Shop and Cooking Workshop

Second Degree Specialist of Tteok & Korean sweets at Institute of Royal Korean Dessert

License for Korean cuisine cook and cooking instructor for children

Completed Ebija & Pyebaek course (traditional set cooking)

What you’ll do in class

Make a tteok cake using the following ingredients: rice powder/flour, glutinous rice flour, water, sugar, blueberry extract, cooked blueberries (similar to pie filling, or homemade jam), natural powder colorants (gardenia seeds, raspberry etc.)

Decorate the cake with white & purple cut/stamped tteok flowers

You’ll be going home with: your handmade cake (unless you ate it all!)


Do you need to bring anything?

Nope! All materials will be provided.

Why we love this class

You’ll make a healthy tteok cake with 100% natural ingredients.

The teacher explains every single step of making a tteok cake in detail, so later you can try making one at home.

Even though this ‘cake’ has no flour or frosting like many people are used to, thanks to the sweet taste, fruit filling and flower decoration it is just as good or even better!


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